by Eric Tries Too Hard

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This record was written through a cycle of drunken improvising and hungover revising. It's about coming to terms with the decisions you made in your life and having to let some of your ambition go, otherwise risking an even bleaker future. Everything was recorded in a Dundalk, MD basement over about 2 hours. No Gods, no metronomes.


released August 17, 2015



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Eric Tries Too Hard Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Settling
If the idea of celebrity means nothing to me then why can't I feel important?
Why must all my success happen after I give up
I swing and I miss so I swig and we kiss then there's love then there's kids but why's this what I miss?

Because I'm selfish
Because I'm honest
Because people change

There's so much pressure on me
Self imposed I suppose
Then again I'm only ever comfortable when they expect me to lose
Why am i so scared to change and add another chord
To this song, in my mind, everything in my life
That I hold onto

Maybe I'm getting too bored with a song that's over 2 minutes long?

Who knows
I play everything off key and out of time
Track Name: The World is a Beautiful Place Which is Why I'm Totally Afraid to Die
It took me 11 years to figure out what I'm like
Just as many years as it took me to forget how to fight
For everything I believe in
Fear of death will leave you lost in your search for meaning

I used to be the type of guy who followed his dreams
Now I'm the type of guy who takes a pill to go to sleep
Am I in a coma?
Did I hit my head?
Don't let me dream I won't wake up again

And I don't give a fuck as long as my friends and family are impressed
Why does a fear of death make me want to put strangers in the mix

Someday even the Beatles won't be remembered
I'm in the wrong business to live forever
Track Name: The Moon Gave Up the Ghost
I never had a good sense of myself
They always told me just ask for help
But who do I ask when they're just as lost as me

We'll party like cicadas
We'll show them what we're made of when the summer comes
We'll fuck then we'll die
We'll show them we're alive until the summer ends
When the moon gave up the ghost right in front of your eyes

I've never felt more like Nick Caraway
I don't belong here but it's the only place I've ever known
It's 4am and I should get some sleep
But I belong here
It's the only place I call home
Track Name: Imperfections
You'll understand when you're older
You'll understand when you're cold
You'll understand when you're sober
That the world's just as bold as it was when you were younger
And the lies went untold
You'll understand when you're older
That the world's just as old

I'd eat the words if I could
Or regurgitate the ones that would
End this charade
Put down this mistake we made

When everyday is another day I have to pretend you're not important to me
So I can get by
And as I watch my city burn from the suburbs I call my home
I think of you

I'm watching Baltimore
I'm watching life from afar

So save yourself for someone else

These imperfections of mine
Weigh on me all the time